10 Things every beginning artist must know about making art

10 Things every beginning artist must know about making art

Learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics may be more important than ever to the development of the next generation of children as they grow up.

Drawing is key

Throughout history, the greatest artists have always been excellent draftsmen. Through art classes for teens & adults learn to draw better and we will improve our artistic ability to see the world. Carry a sketchbook. Better yet, have two or three, one in our car one in our bed and a little one in our pocket purse to doodle on.

Great art takes hard work

Art is hard, and thinking that it should come easily is a big mistake. Whenever we give up on a painting or drawing, we always look back on that instance and realize that our failure was only because of our unwillingness to sacrifice more time, effort, and concentration for our art.

Use a reference image

Art is hard enough anyway, so use references as often as possible, and learn to come up with our own reference images. A few summers ago we had to illustrate scattered matches in the snow for a book cover. It was 80 degrees out, so we crumpled up some paper towels, stuck a few matches in them and took a photo against a white wall.

Rejection comes to everyone

Ignore other people’s negativity, or at least take it with a grain of salt. Only those who push past rejection ever have the chance of being successful. Choose to have confidence in ourselves—as an artist, we will probably need it.

Uniqueness = success

It is true that copying what is popular in art may bring short term success while doing things our own way may take longer. But it is better to choose what we love and stick with it because what is popular would not last, but our uniqueness will.

Nothing is set in stone

Question everything, in life as well as in art. Like this list. Are there more things that artists need to hear? Let us know.

Honesty connects people

Do not become something we are not in order to succeed in art. Art is not only a reflection of the artist but also of the people who enjoy it. Be ourselves, and others will be drawn to us.

 Start projects right away

Procrastination is the enemy of creativity. Start early and we will finish often.

 Always keep learning

The more art knowledge we have, the more depth and dimensionality our work will gain. Take a look at our older works and we will see how our work has changed.

Take a foray into a subject we know nothing about, to stretch our creativity. This website is a great example of that for me, and it is definitely increased our understanding of art today.

Everyone benefits by helping others

Whenever we can, give free advice or share a great technique. All of us will gain a lot when everyone gives a little. To find out more about our holiday art workshops in Singapore, Visit Art Pazionate!