Discover the Largest Pool Party and Daylife in Atlantic City

Few fun-loving people can resist the allure of the Jersey shore and Atlantic City. The ultimate place for a good time, party people can visit the casinos, dance at a nightclub, and even attend the Largest pool party and daylife experience by the shore. Discover the hottest place to party in Atlantic City, especially for those who love to have fun in the sun.

Grab a Swimsuit and Go

Make sure to slip on a swimsuit under those casino clothes to be ready for the ultimate pool party, right outside the gorgeous Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City. The sparkling pool makes everyone want to splash around to the music and soak up the New Jersey sun. Cool drinks, warm sun, and hot people keep the party going all day.

Cold Cocktails in the Hot Sun

As the weather heats up, so does the desire to head outside to enjoy the summer by the shore. Nothing tastes better than a cold cocktail created by a master mixologist served under the hot sun at the pool. Sip under the summer skies while splashing around in a crystal clear swimming pool in the heart of Atlantic City.

The Music That Defines a Season

The most popular DJs in New Jersey are ready to spin the music that defines the summer season. Listen to familiar favorites and new music that makes everyone want to dance in the pool together. Whether on the dance floor or in the pool, the music is sure to keep the crowd moving and having a good time.

VIP Treatment

The attentive service team at HQ2 is ready to make the party even better with VIP options and bottle service. Bring friends, wear swimsuits, and get ready to be treated well. The drinks keep flowing as music fills the air and makes party people want to dance and swim all day.

Partying during the day is the ultimate fun on a hot summer day at the Jersey Shore. Make sure to visit HQ2 to dive into the biggest outdoor pool party in Atlantic City, where nobody has to gamble about having a great time.