Facebook’s App Named Bolt App Lock

For gathering user data, Facebook is renowned, and now its analytics company has launched another app that was designed for the same purpose. Last year, an app called Bolt App Lock came to the company that made the disputable Onavo Secure VPN service. It was released on 5 March 2018 and it was stopped on 9 March after some negative reviews.

The Bolt App Lock was another smartphone protection app designed to help you attach PIN codes, fingerprint keys, and patterns to secure phones and personal data from prying eyes. Many social media apps such as Instagram, Gmail and even Facebook retain people signed up, so all of their personal information is very delicate. The Norton, Keepsafe, and even Bolt App Lock authentication program secure certain apps by passcodes. However, it can be criticized if the security software itself violates privacy requirements.

Once a user encrypted the device with Bolt App Lock, Onavo has access to data such as the frequency with which the program was unlocked. The computer on which Bolt is mounted along with certain network details could also be sent back by Bolt. All the data collected were then returned to Facebook for enhancement of their items.

All of these informations are not a guess but have been explicitly listed in the Bolt App Lock’s Google Play listing: „We are gathering information about your mobile device and the applications that have been inserted into it.[..] Since we are part of Facebook, we’re also using this information to improve Facebook software.“

The privacy and security of VPN users and people trying to lock applications are particularly concerned. Facebook attempts to collect user data from this population is also perplexing because these people will not run such an application periodically.

For people who want to have a better protection of their data, they can consider to use VPN services. A good VPN not only help bypass geo-restrictions and unblock websites, but also disguise one’s IP address, encrypt users‘ personal information so as to achieve high data security.