Pleasant songs will improve your mood

He has been waking his loyal listeners every morning since 1999 when at that time the nationwide radio Alfa ended his broadcast because he did not defend his license for another year.  opportunity.

This year in 2012 it received the best award from Median and Stemmark for the largest number of listeners.  This is really a success and another reason to tune to Impuls radio.  A survey of these agencies showed that Impuls radio tuned 2100000 listeners in just a week.

Radio Impuls broadcasts every day and several moderators alternate there regularly so every listener has the chance to enjoy someone and come to their own.  Everyone has different sympathies so he tries to attract every listener.  Among the moderators of the Impuls radio include the well-known presenter Vlasta Korec Ivo Apfel Honza Daněk and Jitka Vlková.