FAQs About Religion-Based Catering Opportunities For Celebrations

For Muslims, Eid al-Filtr is a great celebration after a month-long fast. The celebration offers an incredible feast for all attendees. When planning the event, it is critical for the event planner to choose foods wisely and get everything they need for the celebration.

How Does the Catering Service Prepare the Food?

The Muslim faith requires the caterer to follow specific steps for preparing the food. The religion requires the slaughter of animals to follow specific guidelines that offer a humane death and include a prayer. Any food that doesn’t meet the guidelines isn’t appropriate for Muslim attendees.

Does the Catering Service Remove Forbidden Foods?

Pork is forbidden for all individuals who are Muslim. This includes all pork products including bacon and related meats. Any food products that contain pork byproducts cannot be served to Muslim people. It is vital for the caterer to review the ingredients in any seasonings or condiments served with the meal.

What Beverages Aren’t Halal?

Muslim people don’t consume any alcoholic beverages including but not limited to wine, beer, and liquor. It is against their traditions and the laws of the Muslim religion to consumer alcoholic beverages even if the event is a celebration. To consume alcohol is the same as going against the teachings of Allah and has dire consequences for Muslim people. Caterers cannot serve alcohol to any guests attending a Muslim ceremony or celebration.

What is Required When Setting Up Catering Services?

Caterers provide easy to follow steps for all customers who need catering services. Event planners meet with the caterers and select menu items for the event. Any rentals, such as tables, chairs, glasses, or flatware, are available to the event coordinator for a fee. The caterers discuss all costs for the catering services.

Muslims face certain dietary restrictions and cannot consume any forbidden foods or beverages. When planning an extravagant celebration, the event planner chooses a catering service that understands these requirements. Getting answers to frequently asked questions helps event planners avoid unpleasant circumstances for guests. Event planners who want to learn more about halal buffet catering services from Stamford Catering can schedule a consultation right now.